Russia cannot win, experts say

02:50 15 May Kyiv, Ukraine

“Russia is losing the war. On the battlefield, Russian troops have exhausted their resources and are on the defensive. But if he presents the situation exactly the opposite, then the Kremlin will still lose. After the Second World War, the world did a lot of work to ensure that in the war, in the classical sense of the word, it was impossible to win,” write Western political scientists.
Prigozhin’s mercenary terrorist formation, the only aggressor paramilitary group still trying to do something at the front, Ukrainian political technologists say. “The offensive potential of the occupiers has been exhausted so much that propagandists and “military correspondents” are celebrating the capture of another street in Bakhmut by the Wagnerites, which, by the way, returns under the control of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in a few days,” political analysts say.
In their opinion, "the military failure of the aggressor's plans is not the main reason why Russia will not be able to win". Here is how they explain their point of view: “Firstly, in the vast majority of cases, all the cities that the Russian army reached and managed to temporarily occupy after February 24, 2022, were 90 percent or more destroyed.
Small Ukrainian cities, regional centers, overgrown around the city-forming enterprises, which are now destroyed. Secondly, the economy of the aggressor is undergoing stagnation. Of course, the whole of 2022 passed by inertia, and the Russians began to feel any tangible consequences only at the end of 2022, the beginning of 2023. Moreover, the West has adopted a new package of sanctions and is likely to take more than one set of restrictive measures in the future.. But more importantly, they will not be removed as long as Russian troops are in Ukraine, war criminals are not punished, reparations are not paid in full, and Putin and his regime remain at the head of the Kremlin. It is also important to note that the countries that voted in favor of condemning Russian aggression against Ukraine, as well as supporting the sanctions regime, are gradually starting to put neutral countries in this matter before a choice - either they are with the USA, Canada, the EU, Japan and Australia, or with Russia. Thirdly, the Russian passport in the West (and not only) is now considered a stigma. Now this causes a lot of inconvenience. And the attitude towards the Russians will not change for a very long time.
Fourth, Putin has almost completed the sale of Russia to China. At the same time, this “deal” is forced and not fully realized. After 2014 and until 2022, some Russian observers warned that the Kremlin should not be afraid of the West, but on the contrary, it needs to cooperate with it, strengthen ties, because there are mutually beneficial long-term relations with democratic countries.. While the PRC seeks to absorb the Russian Federation.
Having started the war, Putin literally left no choice for himself, not for future generations of Russians, who will gradually become cheap labor for Beijing without leaving their own country. Perhaps all of the above political, economic, social factors (not counting the military defeat) are the main and most significant for understanding that Russia lost the war at the moment when, at 4:30 am on February 24, 2022, the first missile hit Ukrainian territory. That is, even if the aggressor at some point succeeded in seizing Ukraine, the costs of this would destroy Russia itself.
The expansion of territory through war and destruction, which all civilized states have studied only from the annals of history, does not bring any benefit to the attacker. This once again proves that the resource-rich lands of Ukraine were far from the main reason for Putin's attack. His hurt ego was the main reason.”