Over the past day, the Russians killed 4 civilians in Donbass

10:04 01 July Kyiv, Ukraine

Over the past day in the Donetsk region, Russian shelling killed at least four civilians, 18 people were injured.
The dead were residents of Krasnogorovka, Avdeevka, Ostrom and Seversk, said Pavel Kirilenko, head of the Donetsk OVA.

Since the beginning of the full-scale invasion in the Donetsk region, 545 civilians have already been killed and another 1,425 injured. These figures do not include casualties.
from Mariupol and Volnovakha.
Until now, according to Kirilenko, 340 thousand people live in the free territory of the region.
“This is a fairly high figure.. I urged and continue to urge people to evacuate. We carry out work to evacuate the population every day, because there is not a single safe city in the Donetsk region. Bakhmut, Slavyansk, Chasov Yar - these are the points that have been shelled only in the last 24 hours. The front line: Avdiivka, Marinka, Toretsk are constantly under fire, as well as Vugledar and Soledar,” the official says.
Now almost three dozen settlements of Donbass on the territory controlled by the Ukrainian authorities live without power supply, another part without water and gas supply.