The enemy again fired at Nikolaev and Kharkov in the early morning

06:56 02 July Kyiv, Ukraine

It seems that the morning shelling of cities has become a system for rashists. In the cities of Nikolaev and Kharkov in the early morning on Saturday, July 2, strong explosions thundered during an air raid.

Mayor Alexander Senkevich reported about a situation in Nikolaev.

"Powerful explosions are heard in the city! Stay in cover!" he called.

Details of what is happening have not yet been given.

Local Telegram channels inform about the next "arrivals" in Kharkiv. As indicated, rockets are flying at the city from the side of the Belgorod region of the Russian Federation.

Let's remind, the day before, on July, 1st, Nikolaev has undergone to massive rocket attack - on the city about ten rockets have been let out.

Also on Friday, Russian troops fired cannons at Bakhmut in the Donetsk region, and then launched an airstrike on the city. As a result, five people were injured. This was announced by the head of the region Pavel Kirilenko.

"At least 5 wounded are the result of today's shelling of Bakhmut. ... Among the wounded is an 11-year-old child," he specified.

Kirilenko calls on the civilian population to evacuate, emphasizing that this is the only way out for civilians.