Russian troops again launched missile strikes on the Ukrainian border

14:38 10 August Kyiv, Ukraine

On August 9, the Russian army attacked the Ukrainian border area using rocket and cannon artillery, mortars, and small arms.

This is reported in the State Border Service of Ukraine.

Miropolskaya, Khotynskaya, Novoslobodskaya, Seredino-Budskaya and Belopolskaya communities of Sumy region, Snovskaya community of Chernihiv region and Zolochivskaya community of Kharkiv region fell under enemy fire.

Enemy self-propelled guns fired 15 shells on the territory of the Novoslobodskaya community. From the Russian settlement of Elizavetovka, they fired at the territory of the Khotyn community from a large-caliber machine gun (about a dozen rounds).

The occupiers covered the territory of the Belopolskaya community with mortar fire, about a dozen explosions were counted. The fire was fired from the Russian settlement of Tetkino.

Russian cannon artillery fired about 20 shells at the Seredino-Budskaya community, in addition, the territory of the community was fired several times from heavy machine guns.

In the evening, mortar explosions were heard on the territory of the Miropol community. The fire was fired from the Russian village of Gornal.

During the day, the enemy from the Russian settlement of Bezymyannoye fired from the Grad MLRS and cannon artillery at the territory of the Zolochiv community of the Kharkiv region on the border with Sumy region.

The enemy fired mortars on the territory of the Snovskaya community from the side of the Russian settlement Chernozemny Gorodok, about 10 explosions were recorded.

Already in the morning today, August 10, the enemy again fired at the territory of the Belopol community. More than 25 artillery shells and mortar mines arrived from the Russian villages of Popovo-Lezhachi and Tetkino, at the same time the Russians used grenades, fired from small arms, including large-caliber ones.