Ship with stolen Ukrainian grain detained in Turkey

10:16 04 July Kyiv, Ukraine

The Turkish authorities detained a cargo ship with grain stolen in Ukraine.

This was announced on Sunday, July 3, by the Ambassador of Ukraine to Turkey Vasily Bodnar.
"We have full cooperation. The ship is standing right in front of the entrance to the port. Tomorrow there will be a meeting during which the fate of the ship will be decided. Our request has been submitted and we hope that the ship will be arrested, the property will be confiscated and everyone involved in this will be held accountable," the ambassador said.
The day before, Bodnar reported that a ship with stolen Ukrainian grain entered the port of Karasu.

Earlier this week, it became known that Russia was exporting grain from Berdyansk . The port left the cargo ship carrying 7,000 tons of grain. Then the name of the ship was not called. The invaders said that the grain was sent to "friendly countries."