Electric substation exploded in Belgorod, Russia

07:16 08 September Kyiv, Ukraine

On the night of September 8, an electrical substation exploded in Belgorod, as a result, local residents were left without electricity, as well as interruptions in water supply.

This is reported in Russian Telegram channels.

Also, vivid footage of the explosion appeared on the network . The lack of power supply is reported not only in Belgorod itself, but also in the region .

According to eyewitnesses, the substation at Knyaz Trubetskoy caught fire . People woke up due to strong flashes in the sky. They say it burned for about a minute. Then the flames subsided, firefighters arrived.

Meanwhile, in the local oblenergo they report an emergency shutdown. They assure that by the morning the Belgorod residents will have light.