Rocket crashed in Russia again - media

13:06 30 December Kyiv, Ukraine

In the Rudnyansky district of the Volgograd region of the Russian Federation, debris similar to a Russian cruise missile fell, this is the second case in the last month.

This is reported by Russian media.
"Unidentified flying, presumably, military objects fell in the Rudnyansky district of the Volgograd region. Huge gray fragments were found by residents of the Ilmensky rural settlement about 20 kilometers from the village," the report says.
It is reported that emergency services are already at the scene, who surrounded the wreckage.

Visually, the wreckage resembles parts of a long-range cruise missile from the X-101 / X-102 family - AS-23 KODIAK. They entered service with the Russian armed forces in 2012, and were first used in Syria against ISIS in 2015.

Similar debris recently fell in the Yelansky and Rudnyansky districts of the Volgograd region. Later, officials officially recognized that the wreckage belonged to the Russian military.

Local authorities claim that the falling debris did not harm the infrastructure, no one was injured.