Russian invasion kills at least 50,000 dolphins

20:04 27 October Kyiv, Ukraine

Against the backdrop of a full-scale war on the territory of Ukraine in the Black Sea, at least 50 thousand dolphins died. They often became disoriented, hit mines, and starved.

This was told by the head of the scientific department of the natural park Tuzlovskiye Limany Ivan Rusev.

According to him, there were two million individuals in the Black Sea. Two years ago, they counted 253 thousand, however, during the active phase of the war, they became much smaller, because almost 20% of cetaceans died.
"Somewhere from March to July there was an active phase of the war in the Black Sea. There were a lot of submarines, bombings and de-occupation of Snake Island. Then the dolphins died, and the sea threw them ashore," he said.
Rusev explained that powerful signals hit the inner ear of dolphins, they get acoustic trauma and lose their bearings.
"When echolocation is impaired, it is difficult for dolphins to search for food. They need to eat 30 kg of fish daily. If there are no fish, the dolphin loses weight and immunity, and starts to get sick. Dolphins were also found on the shore, which were burned by a mine explosion in the distance, because those that stumbled upon them drowned on the spot.. A dolphin can stumble upon a mine only when it is struck by something, a healthy animal would bypass it," the scientist notes.