Trading kiosks caught fire in one of the districts of Kyiv

13:14 20 January Kyiv, Ukraine

In the Shevchenkovsky district of Kyiv, a fire broke out in the trade kiosks. This was reported on January 20 in the State Emergency Service.

It is noted that the signal about a fire on Ilyenko Street, 1 was received by rescuers at 03.40 Friday.

Upon arrival at the place of the call, the rescuers found that a fire broke out in one of the coffee kiosks, with subsequent spread to the shawarma kiosk.

At 04.00 the fire was localized on an area of 25 sq.m, and at 04.18 it was liquidated.
"As a result of the fire, two kiosks burned down completely, one of the kiosks located nearby was partially damaged, but thanks to the prompt and coordinated actions of the rescuers, it was possible to prevent the rapid spread of fire to the entire row," the State Emergency Service emphasized.
No casualties or injuries have been reported, and police are investigating the cause of the incident.