An unusual glow appeared again in the sky over Kiev

07:07 30 April Kyiv, Ukraine

Unusual astronomical objects and atmospheric effects continue to appear in the sky over the capital of Ukraine. So, on the night of Sunday, April 30, strange circles around the moon were seen in the Kyiv region. Appropriate photos of eyewitnesses published in social networks.

These circles are called halo.. From Greek it is translated as a radiance or halo.

Лунное гало в небе над Киевом 30 апреля 2023 года.

Halo is an optical phenomenon resulting from the refraction and reflection of light in ice crystals. Most often it can be observed in the atmosphere in cirrostratus clouds, less often under other conditions. The most common halo shape is a light, faintly colored circle around the Sun or Moon.

Quite often, bright colored spots are observed on both sides of the Sun - false suns, a bright colored arc, light pillars, etc.

We will remind, a week ago in the Kyiv region was observed extremely rare for Ukraine, the northern lights. And a few days before that, another rare astronomical phenomenon occurred in Kyiv - a meteor fall, which caused a bright flash in the sky.