Invaders staged a terrorist attack in Melitopol to accuse the Armed Forces of Ukraine on the eve of the "referendum" - mayor

16:03 22 September Kyiv, Ukraine

In the morning, the invaders staged a terrorist attack on the market in order to blame the Ukrainian authorities and the Armed Forces of Ukraine on the eve of the pseudo-referendum, the city council said.
head of Melitopol Ivan Fedorov.
"Fear, terror and the liquidation of unwanted people are the three components that Russia is constantly demonstrating in the occupied territories. And before the pseudo-referendum, the purge among its own is intensifying. Today, in the Central Market of Melitopol, where there is always a large crowd of people, the rashists made an explosion and liquidated three soldiers. We are clarifying information about civilians, ”the message says.
Fedorov stressed that only such a future is predicted by a terrorist country.
“Therefore, neither pseudo-referendums, nor any statements by terrorists will change our course: we will de-occupy our territories and return peace to our home,” he added.
Later it became known that as a result of the terrorist attack caused by the invaders, six Russian soldiers were injured.