Looting continues in Mariupol

11:59 05 July Kyiv, Ukraine

Russian invaders are destroying a public garden in Mariupol and taking the torn off slabs with an excavator to Donetsk.

This is reported by the adviser to the mayor of Mariupol Petr Andryushchenko.
Looting on everything. Loud statements about the "renovation of the square near the Drama Theater" expectedly turned into a banal plunder. Considering that the square itself miraculously remained intact, the occupiers and Donetsk Gauleiters are finishing it off more effectively than bombs," Andryushchenko said.
The mayor's adviser notes that the occupiers are taking everything they can out of the city.
"They dismantled the playground - they took it and are already installing it in the center of Donetsk. Now it's time for granite tiles. They are torn off by excavators, loaded and taken out towards Donetsk. In the near future we will see a renovated street in Donetsk at the expense of Mariupol taxpayers. Medical equipment, a skating rink, a fountain, playgrounds and now tiles. There are no words," the mayor's adviser writes.