Many wounded Russian soldiers are brought to Mariupol

20:07 28 July Kyiv, Ukraine

In Mariupol, a large number of wounded Russian soldiers were brought to a military hospital equipped on the basis of one of the hospitals.

This was reported by the adviser to the mayor of Mariupol Petr Andryushchenko.
“Good news. Somewhere in the east, our defenders pretty much poured the Russians in. Mariupol Hospital No. 2, which is a Russian military hospital, brought such an amount of “almost fertilizer” that a large amount of blood for transfusion is needed for the needs of wounded Russians,” writes Andryushchenko.
Petr Andryushchenko hopes that Mariupol residents will not run to donate blood, but he even advises some people to do so.
"Citizens of Mariupol. We believe in you. Stay home. The Russians have already drunk too much of our blood to voluntarily share with them. This does not apply to Mariupol residents with HIV, hepatitis C and other chronic diseases that can be shared with the occupiers. Rusnya must die! Glory to Ukraine!" - adds the adviser to the mayor.