In Kyiv arrested a drug dealer with a kilogram of heroin

12:48 18 July Kyiv, Ukraine

In Kyiv, a 36-year-old man was detained, who organized the illegal sale of narcotic drugs on an especially large scale (part 3 of article 307 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine).

It is reported by the Kyiv city prosecutor's office.

According to the results of the investigative actions, as well as the searches in the attacker's apartment, about one kilogram of heroin, one kilogram of hashish, 378 ecstasy tablets, 100 g of the synthetic drug MDIM, cannabis, as well as about 2 thousand euros and 9 thousand US dollars were seized. Also seized from the man was an object similar to a TT pistol with cartridges, and cartridges for automatic firearms.

Currently, the suspect has been reported to the detainee and a petition is being prepared to select a measure of restraint in the form of detention, the prosecutor's office says.

Investigative actions are ongoing, persons who may be involved in illegal activities are being identified.