In the Kherson region, 6 war crimes of the Russian Federation against the civilian population were recorded

21:22 27 June Kyiv, Ukraine

The deputy of the village council of the Kherson region and his son were kidnapped by the invaders, also in Novaya Kakhovka - the head of one of the educational institutions.

This is reported by the police of the Kherson region.
"In Nova Kakhovka, the Russian military abducted the head of one of the educational institutions of the city from the workplace, the whereabouts of the man is unknown. The military of the aggressor country abducted the deputy of the regional council and his son, who is a deputy of the village council. Now the whereabouts of the men is unknown," the report says.
It is also reported that in the temporarily occupied village of Zmievka, Berislav district, Russian servicemen abducted a local resident. According to available information, the invaders came to the home of a 30-year-old man, put him in a paddy wagon and took him away in an unknown direction. The whereabouts of the missing person is currently unknown.

In addition, while serving in the de-occupied territory of the Kochubeevskaya territorial community, the police found that the Russian military had captured a 54-year-old local resident. The man was kept for more than a day in the basement of the post office, which was turned into a torture chamber.. The invaders interrogated the man, beat him in different parts of the body, and then released him.

The police also reports that in Zagradovka, a 53-year-old man was blown up by a cluster mine in his own field. He was taken to a hospital in the city of Kryvyi Rih with a diagnosis of a mine-explosive injury and a fragmental wound to his left leg.

In just a day, the police of the Kherson region recorded 6 war crimes of the Russian army against the civilian population.