A Belarusian with the call sign "Brest" died in the battles for Lisichansk

14:43 06 July Kyiv, Ukraine

The commander of the battalion "Volat" of the regiment named after Kastus Kalinovsky, Belarusian Ivan Marchuk with the call sign "Brest" died in the battles near Lisichansk.
On June 26, soldiers of the Volat battalion held back a Russian tank breakthrough near Lisichansk. A small group of warriors entered into an unequal battle with superior enemy forces. Within a few hours of the collision, the brave defenders from Belarus recaptured the Russians and attacked their equipment. During the battle, only one soldier of the battalion was slightly wounded.

However, after that, Putin's soldiers went to the defenders with tanks and forced them to retreat. The battalion did not give up even then and directed the Ukrainian artillery against the manpower and equipment of the enemy. At one point, communication with the battalion was interrupted.

In this battle, the commander of the battalion "Volat" with the call sign "Brest" died heroically. The Kalinovsky regiment noted that Brest was courageous, resolute and ready to do anything for each of its fighters. The warrior had exceptional authority among the soldiers of the regiment. Helping Ukraine, he believed in the future of a free Belarus. Therefore, this loss is very heavy for the regiment.
Several more fighters from Belarus have gone missing, they are being searched. One of them was taken prisoner.
Eternal memory to the fallen defender of Ukraine!