In the morning, the Russians fired missiles at Zaporozhye and its environs

09:06 02 October Kyiv, Ukraine

On the morning of October 2, the Russians attacked Zaporozhye and its environs. The head of the OVA Alexander Starukh wrote about this with Telegram.

"The occupiers fired four S300 missiles. As a result of the attack, the industrial infrastructure was destroyed. There were no casualties," the statement said.. He urged residents to take precautions and not to neglect air raid signals, is in shelters.

"There is a risk of repeated attacks," the head of the OVA wrote.

Meanwhile, in social networks, local residents publish the consequences of an enemy strike - in some areas of the city, smoke is visible after the explosions.

Воронки на месте взрыва.

Кадр из видео о прилетах по Запорожью.

Recall that on Friday, September 30, the Russians fired rockets at a column of civilian cars who tried to enter the territory not controlled by Ukraine in Zaporizhzhia in order to pick up relatives and close ones from there.. At the same time, 31 people died, 88 were injured.. Two children were among the dead.