Established 50 places of detention of captured Ukrainians

13:38 19 September Kyiv, Ukraine

50 places of illegal detention of Ukrainians by the Russian military have already been established.

Prosecutor General Andrei Kostin said this in an interview with the Left Bank.
"We have five factories for filtration camps. In total, after February 24, 50 places of illegal detention were established, including those used as filtration camps.. Regarding Yelenovka, criminal proceedings were previously registered on the illegal detention of our prisoners of war," the prosecutor general said.
According to Kostin, the Russians are doing everything to destroy the traces of their crimes, in particular, we are talking about a large-scale terrorist attack in Yelenovka.

Speaking about the preparation of the UN mission to Yelenovka, the Prosecutor General noted that he was cautious in evaluating such initiatives.
"For if this happens under the control of the occupier, I am absolutely sure that Russia is not interested in this investigation being independent and leading to the results that correspond to reality.. They will imitate their willingness to help, as they always did and do," he said.
In addition, Kostin stressed that the Russian Federation would use any excuse not to return all of our prisoners to Ukraine.