Ukrainians continue to find their things in Russia

18:03 19 July Kyiv, Ukraine

Gostomel resident Yuri Nikolaev (name changed for security reasons) discovered his AirPods in the Russian city of Ulyanovsk.
Nikolaev lives with his wife in the Proreznoy residential complex, which is administratively located in Gostomel, but is located closer to Bucha. Both left Crimea in 2014.
He and his wife were able to leave the house on the first day of a full-scale invasion.
"The Varshavskaya highway passes near us, but there was a crazy traffic jam on it, so we took a detour past the Antonov airport - where the Mriya stood. It’s good that we left early and missed the Russian military,” he recalls about a dear person.
The family was able to fully return to the apartment in Gostomel only in May, where it was discovered that the Russian military had looted their apartment.
“They stole two laptops - a MacBook Pro and a Lenovo gaming laptop, headphones, VR glasses, scales from the floor, a PlayStation with gamepads. They took out alcohol, grain coffee, a portable speaker, all flash drives, pulled out batteries from children's toys, some dishes, plates and pots were missing. They even took the womanizer from my wife. Why?" Yuri asks.
Yuriy's headphones are currently located in the city of Ulyanovsk on Festivalnoy Boulevard at 13. Since the beginning of June, the device has not been "on communication".
“I think the new “owner” went to the front again. I hope he will stay there, ” says Yuri.
The man's parents, who live in the occupied Crimea, wrote a statement to the so-called law enforcement agencies on the peninsula, but they refused to initiate a case, saying that "the crime took place on the territory of another state, so it is impossible to establish the circumstances."