Neither a bribe nor "fake" documents helped the dodger to leave

15:33 25 January Kyiv, Ukraine

The border guards of the Volyn detachment documented the fact of an attempt to cross the state border for a bribe. This was reported in the State Border Service of Ukraine.

“A woman, together with a man and a small child, was traveling to Poland through the Ustilug checkpoint. During the check of documents giving the right to travel abroad to a 44-year-old Donetsk resident, the inspector had doubts about the legality of their receipt. The internal and internal security officers were informed in advance about the possible use by this person of "fake" papers on the guardianship of the border guards.

During the additional control, the wife decided to "help" her husband and tried to settle the matter with a bribe of US$1,800.

The inspector refused the offered money and called the police.

Dodgers and a minor ferryman were detained in Transcarpathia.