SBU in Kherson discovered lists of people who collaborated with the Russians during the occupation

18:13 16 November Kyiv, Ukraine

In liberated Kherson, law enforcement officers found classified FSB documents containing information about their collaborating agents.

This was reported in the Security Service of Ukraine.

Among the confiscated items were handwritten "obligations" of agents on confidential cooperation with the FSB, cases of undercover investigations, reports of agents on the results of performing hostile tasks, and "records of searches" in the dwellings of Kherson residents.

Representatives of the special services of the Russian Federation left secret documents on the territory of a local garage cooperative.

Based on the exposed materials, law enforcement officers established that Russian henchmen gave a "tip" to the invaders to the places of stay of Ukrainian patriots, including members of the resistance in the southern region.

Also, agents of the Russian special service took part in the illegal prosecution of local residents in fabricated "criminal cases".

In addition, SBU officers discovered documented facts of the abduction and torture of local residents, as well as the looting of their houses under the guise of conducting searches.

According to law enforcement officers, the likely collaborators were recruited by FSB personnel who were part of the "temporary task force VOG-8". It was its representatives who coordinated reconnaissance, subversive and sabotage activities in the southern direction.

The seized materials were sent for examination to carry out further operational actions to expose Russian intelligence networks.