SBU exposes six collaborators helping the Russian Federation in the temporarily occupied territories

17:19 01 August Kyiv, Ukraine

Law enforcement officers identified and collected evidence of the criminal activities of six more collaborators. We are talking about two "officials" of the occupation authorities of Mariupol, three "officials" from the so-called "LPR" and the former head of Kherson's critical infrastructure facilities, who today is actively campaigning in favor of Russia.

It is reported by the Security Service of Ukraine.

The SBU proved that they voluntarily agreed to cooperate with Russia and help the Russian Federation in establishing and supporting the occupation regimes in the temporarily occupied territories.

Thus, a collaborator from Kherson, before the start of the military aggression of the Russian Federation, held senior positions at the facilities of the aviation industry. After February 24, he was mobilized in the defense of Kherson, but already in March he went over to the side of the enemy and began to make statements about the accession of the Kherson region to the Russian Federation in the pro-Russian media.

Also, the attacker repeatedly, addressing the Ukrainian military, urged them to lay down their arms and support the armed forces of the Russian Federation..

SBU investigators informed him of a suspicion of high treason committed under martial law.

Another woman voluntarily agreed to head the so-called public reception of the Donetsk Republic in Mariupol. Now her "official duties" include, among other things, organizing and holding illegal elections and a referendum in the Ukrainian hero city.

Changed the oath and the deputy of the Mariupol City Council from the banned party Opposition Platform for Life in Ukraine. For this, the invaders appointed him to the post of "deputy head of the administration of the city of Mariupol" in the field of housing and communal services.

A “prosecutor” from Novoaidar in the Luhansk region also received suspicion from the SBU. He accepted from the enemy an offer to take the position of "acting prosecutor of the Novoaydarsky district of the LPR". For loyalty to the occupying authorities, he lost the status of acting.

Therefore, in the new status, it passes judgments of conviction on Ukrainian patriots. He actively helps the invaders persecute pro-Ukrainian countrymen and suppress their resistance to the occupation regime.

Two officials of the occupation authorities in the Lugansk region will also be held accountable under the law. One of them made an agreement with the enemy and headed the so-called territorial branch of the State Institution - the Republican Employment Center of the LPR in the Belovodsky district. The second agreed to act as "chief physician of the Svatov Interdistrict Sanitary and Epidemiological Station of the LPR."

Regarding all these officials, the SBU conducts a pre-trial investigation under Article 111-1 (collaboration activity) of the Criminal Code of Ukraine.