SBU exposed the identity of the invaders who tortured a resident of Kyiv

15:13 30 August Kyiv, Ukraine

The Security Service of Ukraine has identified three Russian executioners, from whose captivity a resident of the Kyiv region escaped during the counteroffensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

This was reported on the website of the special services on Tuesday, August 30.

The man said that the Russians grabbed him after they found anti-Russian messages on his phone. They tied his hands and feet, blindfolded him, threw him into a pit and buried him alive, and dug him up after he began to suffocate.

After that, the invaders kept the Ukrainian in the pit for about six days. And when the APU approached, the Ukrainian managed to escape. The Russians opened fire on him and wounded him - the man received a bullet wound and an open gunshot fracture.

The SBU has identified Russian war criminals - these are three soldiers of the 64th separate motorized rifle brigade of the 35th combined arms army of the Russian Federation:
  • Alexander Borisov, 03/07/1999;
  • Ryan Madyaev, born June 6, 2002;
  • Maxim Sulaindzyuga, 08/25/1994
"It was their occupation group that actively participated in the massacres and torture of the civilian population of the Buchansky district in February-March of this year," the report says.
Based on the collected evidence, the Russians were informed of a suspicion under an article on violation of the laws and customs of war.

The SBU claims to have established the data and possible whereabouts of the suspects.