The SBU conducts an inspection on the territory of one of the monasteries of the Mukachevo diocese

10:36 30 November Kyiv, Ukraine

The Security Service of Ukraine is carrying out preventive actions on the territory of the Mukachevo diocese.

This was reported by the press service of the SBU.
"With the direct participation of representatives of the church, law enforcement officers inspect the territory and premises of the monastery to identify objects prohibited for circulation; they check people on the territory of the monastery regarding their involvement in illegal activities to the detriment of the state sovereignty of Ukraine," the SBU notes.

The SBU emphasizes the preventive nature of actions.
"All actions take place within the current legislation and are carried out to verify data on the intentions to use the diocese as a cell of the "Russian world"; to prevent the use of the premises of the UOC for harboring citizens of the aggressor country, storing prohibited items, etc.; protecting the population from provocations and terrorist acts," the statement said.