Russians once again covered the Nikopol region with fire - Reznichenko

09:41 23 September Kyiv, Ukraine

The head of the Dnepropetrovsk OVA, Valentin Reznichenko, reports that in the morning the invaders fired at the cities of Nikopol and Marganets, it is known about 2 dead.

This was announced by Reznichenko in Telegram.
"The tragic beginning of the day with shelling and the dead. The Russians once again covered the Nikopol region with fire," the report says.
He said that the occupiers fired at the city from "Gradov", fired almost 30 shells.

In Marganets, 2 people, a man and a woman, were killed. According to preliminary information, 9 more were injured, 3 of them were rescued from the rubble.

The house also caught fire.. The firemen have already extinguished the flames. A total of 8 houses were damaged, one was destroyed.

2,200 families were left without electricity. Emergency teams of power engineers are already repairing the lines.

In Nikopol, 10 houses were previously damaged.