Russians burned more than 230 hectares of wheat in the Kherson region

16:42 20 July Kyiv, Ukraine

The Russian military has been systematically destroying crops in the Kherson region and recently burned over 230 hectares of wheat.

Wheat burning incidents occurred in the Berislav and Genichesk districts near the villages of Fedorovka and Malaya Shesternya, as well as near the urban-type settlement of Nizhniye Sirogozy, near the villages of Sokologornoye and Rykovo. Almost the entire crop there is destroyed.

The fire also damaged about 10 hectares of forest near Oleshka.

The cause of the fire was the shelling of the Russian military.

For all the facts, the police opened criminal cases for violations of the laws and customs of war. The perpetrators of the shelling face imprisonment for a period of 8 to 12 years.
Harvest destruction
Kherson OVA reported that from July 18 to July 19, firefighters extinguished 16 fires in open areas. Fires in the region arise, in particular, due to shelling. However, the Russians deliberately do not allow extinguishing fires in the occupied Kherson region, destroying grain warehouses, agricultural machinery and solar power plants.

Law enforcement officers have repeatedly recorded fires in grain crops and forests in the Kherson region. Due to the constant shelling, it is extremely difficult to put out fires in the de-occupied territories, and the Russians specifically do not allow this in the occupied lands.. To save at least part of the crop, people work on machinery next to the wall of fire