The Russians are going to conduct a "census" of children in Severodonetsk

15:10 04 July Kyiv, Ukraine

In the temporarily occupied Severodonetsk, where about 8,000 people remain, the Russian military plans to conduct a "census" of the population, primarily children.
They explain this by the fact that such data is needed to organize the educational process, said Alexander Stryuk, head of the Severodonetsk city military-civilian administration.
"But I don't believe it. All schools in the city are in such a state that it is impossible to restore education in them.. Obviously, the invaders have some other goals in this census,” Stryuk said.
In addition, the invaders are trying to restore administrative activities.
“They created the so-called “commandant’s office” and appointed a “commandant”. The invaders are now intensively looking for housing and communal services specialists in order to somehow restore the city's infrastructure. But if they are able to restore power supply with the help of portable generators, it will not be enough even to launch pumping stations," Stryuk said.