Rashists destroy the Kinburn Peninsula

18:03 11 May Kyiv, Ukraine

During the year of full-scale war on the Kinburn Peninsula, 131 fires were recorded, which arose due to hostilities and hit more than 5 thousand hectares of the park.

This is evidenced by the analysis of the national park "Beloberezhye Svyatoslav", created on the basis of data from the Sentinel-2 satellites.

Thus, most of the fires had a repeated character and hit the same area several times.. As a result, on the territory of the peninsula
up to 4 million trees were affected.
As the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Natural Resources of Ukraine notes, it will be possible to finally calculate the damage as a result of fires only after the de-occupation of the territory.
"Due to the aggression of the Russian Federation in Ukraine, 20% of the natural reserve fund suffered. But our environmental inspectors 24/7 carefully record and calculate all the damage to the environment so that Russia will definitely pay for all its crimes against nature,” the Ministry of Environment stressed.