Public servants transported $5 million across the border

13:02 05 July Kyiv, Ukraine

The National Agency for the Prevention of Corruption published facts about the export of almost $5 million across the border by public servants.

This was reported by the press service of the NAPC.

They note that the NACP is monitoring the possible export of illegally obtained cash by public servants and members of their families while crossing the state border.
"According to the results of the monitoring, facts were revealed of the movement across the state border of almost 5 million US dollars and 100 thousand euros by public servants and members of their families who did not have legal sources of obtaining these assets. The relevant materials were handed over to law enforcement agencies," the NACP stressed.
As a result of studying the materials obtained during lifestyle monitoring, the pre-trial investigation authorities launched three criminal proceedings under articles 368-5 (illegal enrichment) and 209 (legalization (laundering) of proceeds from crime) of the Criminal Code, the department added.

They explained how monitoring is carried out: the NAPC receives information about large amounts of cash that end up at the border, but the agency checks whether the owners of the funds are officials and members of their families.
"If the fact is confirmed that it is the official who is trying to take out illegally obtained cash, then the NACP begins monitoring the lifestyle. Its purpose is to establish whether the standard of living of a public servant corresponds to the property that he and his family members have and the income received by him according to the declaration," the explanation says.
The NAPC reminded that the submission of declarations of officials during the war continues. However, it is not necessary to file declarations of any kind during martial law.

Thus, the deadline for filing an annual declaration for 2021 is three months after the end of martial law.