Law enforcement officers documented 11 war crimes of the Russian army in the Luhansk region

14:19 07 September Kyiv, Ukraine

Law enforcement officers exposed 23 collaborators and documented 11 war crimes of the Russian army in the Luhansk region.

This was reported on September 7 by the press service of the regional police.

It is noted that during the operational-search activities, the police identified 23 people suspected of involvement in armed groups not provided for by law, as well as collaborating with the Russian occupation forces.

In particular, a 41-year-old resident of the city of Khrustalny, who is recruiting for the so-called "people's militia of the LPR", a 37-year-old citizen of Ukraine who entered the service in the "Ministry of Internal Affairs of the LPR" and a 30-year-old resident of the Lutuginsky district, who joined the armed formation of the country, were exposed. -aggressor.

In addition, the police recorded five facts of destruction and destruction of housing of residents of Popasnaya, Lysichansk and Severodonetsk, and also documented the seizure of the administrative building in the Belovodsk village, the illegal seizure of the transport of the educational institution in Severodonetsk and the encroachment on the territorial integrity and inviolability of Ukraine.

It is emphasized that the statements are included in the ERDR under Article 438 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine (violation of the laws and customs of war).