After Russian shelling, one of the DTEK stations was stopped: there is a dead

08:16 24 December Kyiv, Ukraine

On Friday, December 23, Russian troops fired at one of DTEK's energy facilities, the station stopped generating electricity, one worker was killed and one injured. This was reported in Telegram DTEK.

"Today, December 23, the invaders intensively fired at one of the energy enterprises of DTEK Energy, as a result of which its equipment was damaged, and the station stopped generating electricity.

Unfortunately, an employee of the enterprise died due to the attack, and another was injured.. When the shelling is over, the power engineers will begin to restore the operation of the equipment.

The report does not specify which station came under fire. This is the 21st Russian terrorist attack on DTEK's energy facilities.

It should be noted that on October 10, 2022, the Russian Federation launched attacks on Ukraine's critical infrastructure facilities.

Recall that there is a deficit in the energy system of Ukraine. In all regions, there are consumption limits, the excess of which leads to emergency shutdowns, Ukrenergo noted.