Train from Vienna to Kyiv delayed by 6 hours due to an accident on the Hungarian railway line

12:24 08 May Kyiv, Ukraine

A train from Vienna to Kyiv is delayed by six hours after a freight train derailed on a Hungarian railway line.

This was reported by the press service of Ukrzaliznytsia. The carriages departing on Sunday will be delayed at the Chop station and included in train No. 82 Uzhgorod-Kyiv and will arrive in Kyiv on Tuesday as part of train No. 750.

This delays the return train to Vienna, so UZ recommends that passengers making transfers and departures from Budapest Airport take this delay into account.

The accident occurred on the railway section between Újfehértó and Hajdúhadház stations. The restoration of the track and the contact network will take at least one day, since the Hungarian colleagues have just begun to lift wagons with iron ore.
Train traffic between these stations has been suspended, and the Hungarian railway offers transfers to a replacement bus.

Intercity trains between Budapest and Zahony will run between Budapest and Nyiregygaza via Miskolc, with longer travel times.