Five fires on peat bogs extinguished near Kyiv

12:45 03 September Kyiv, Ukraine

Five fires on peatlands eliminated in Kyiv region. At the same time, another fire continues in the Vyshgorodsky district, the State Emergency Service reports on Saturday, September 3.

"Rescuers of the Kyiv region keep the situation with peat fires under control. As of 8:00 a.m., the elimination of the fire in the village of Sosnovka, Vyshgorodsky district, continues.

It is noted that three fires have been eliminated in the Buchansky district, namely, in the village of Krasny Rog, Gostomel and Bucha.

The center of the fire in Dymer, Vyshgorodsky district, and the center in the village of Novye Bezradichi, in the Obukhov region, were also liquidated.

In turn, the Kyiv city state administration reports that the city has a low level of air pollution.

Recall that on September 2, Kyiv was among the top three cities in the world with the highest level of air pollution due to peat fires.. Only in the evening the air in the capital cleared a little.