About 20-25% of missing soldiers were found in captivity - Commissioner for Missing Persons

17:24 05 August Kyiv, Ukraine

The number of missing Ukrainian servicemen is less than the seven thousand people announced in July. Since then, about 20-25% have been captured.
Oleg Kotenko, Commissioner for Missing Persons under Special Circumstances, said this on the air of the national telethon.

In July, Kotenko estimated the number of missing soldiers at seven thousand.
“If we are talking about the military, then we need to understand what kind of military we are talking about. There is the Armed Forces of Ukraine, there is the National Guard, there are border guards, there is the SBU - and these are different institutions. They are not included in the figure given by the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Armed Forces of Ukraine gives data on two thousand missing soldiers. Our call center has approximately 7,200 people,” Kotenko said.
Even then, the commissioner noted that a significant number of the missing were in captivity, but he did not even name their approximate number.
“We talked about the fact that more than 7 thousand people are considered missing. This figure is not correct. Since that time, we have found about 20-25% in captivity. Therefore, this figure is less,” he said on August 5.
Kotenko also added that more than 500 bodies of dead defenders have already been returned: “We do this weekly. The work is underway, and I think that we will return all our dead.”