The occupiers created their own Auschwitz in the village of Peski-Radkovsky in the Kharkiv region

20:12 05 October Kyiv, Ukraine

Law enforcement officers discovered another torture chamber in the village of Pesky-Radkovsky, Kharkiv region, where the captured people were buried alive, strangled, raped and dentures were pulled out.
This was told by the head of the Investigation Department of the National Police Sergei Bolvinov.
"At the moment, the police know for sure about the torture of burying / digging into the ground alive and the use of a gas mask with a smoldering rag. Also found in the torture room was a dildo, a box with torn dentures, wires with ropes and a letter with a questioning of one of the men who were here," Bolvinov said.
The occupiers set up a torture chamber in the basement of one of the houses, the neighbors constantly heard screams from there. They kept local residents, ATO members and prisoners from the Armed Forces of Ukraine there.
According to Bolvinov, the police know the names of Ukrainian servicemen who were mocked by the invaders.