Occupants tortured and killed local residents in Vysokopolye

14:14 06 September Kyiv, Ukraine

The village of Vysokopolye in the Kherson region was under Russian occupation for almost half a year. After his release in early September, the international human rights organization Truth Hounds documented the war crimes committed by the Russian occupiers in the village.

The organization announced this on its pages in social networks.

Human rights activists have published evidence of the murder of the spouses, which occurred in early June.
“June 1, between 7:00 and 8:00 in the morning, a group of drunken soldiers went from house to house, they threatened people, asked which part of the body they should shoot. That morning they entered Sergei's yard, when he left the house, the military immediately shot at him. His wife Svetlana jumped out at the sound of the shot, the Russians shot her 8 times and finished her off with 1 shot in the head, ”the message says.
One of the interviewed local residents told about people who shot him in the back, arm and leg from traumatic and military weapons.
“After the first shot, I felt pain in my left shoulder blade, fell to my knees along with the stool and collapsed on my right side. He continued to shoot, there were 4 more hits on the back and one on the arm, then he reloaded the weapon, fired again over my head and said: Do not ssy, injury. I again heard the click of the shutter and another shot, I felt a very strong pain in the back of my lower leg. The Russian said: “This is so that you don’t run too far.” After the shot, another soldier asked: "Maybe he needs a doctor?" - to which the first replied: "Nothing, it won't die". It was no longer a trauma, but I was lucky - the bullet went right through, ”said the man.
Torture, mistreatment of civilians, destruction of property and possible cases of sexual violence have also been documented.
“One of them was very drunk (Russian military man – ed.), constantly clacking his machine gun and pointing it at us, then handed this machine gun to my son and said: “Here, take it, shoot at us.”. The son replied that he had never held a weapon in his life ... Then this military man again went up to the second floor, breaking all the windows and mirrors, my daughter-in-law was there. He pointed a machine gun at her and shouted: "I'll shoot now, bitch!". The man asked them to leave, they replied that they would go only if we gave them cigarettes and vodka, another resident of Vysokopolya said.
According to representatives of local government, during the six months of occupation, the population of the settlement decreased by almost ten times: currently, there are up to 500 people in the urban-type settlement (compared to about 4,500 residents as of February 24, 2022).