Invaders abducted a kindergarten teacher in Kherson

18:13 26 August Kyiv, Ukraine

In temporarily occupied Kherson, the Russian military abducted blogger and kindergarten teacher Elena Naumova.

This was announced by her son Nikolai.

The woman was known among local residents for running her blog on the TikTok social network, having a clear pro-Ukrainian position and not hiding it even during the occupation.

According to the son, the mother was abducted from her own house at about 11 am on August 23rd. He hasn't known anything about his mother for two days now.
“I know that people in uniform with machine guns came and took her away. She is an ordinary person, what they can demand from her, I don’t know.. I know for sure that there was a kidnapping, because the neighbors saw it,” Naumov said.
According to the regional prosecutor's office, 578 people have been kidnapped or disappeared in the Kherson region since the Russian military aggression. Among them are 18 deputies of the regional and local councils, 47 law enforcement officers and 2 clergymen.
As of August 22, the Russians are holding captive 8 heads of Ukrainian communities, six of them from the Kherson region.