Occupants fired at Sumy region from "Grad" and barreled artillery

17:10 27 October Kyiv, Ukraine

On October 27, Russian troops fired on the Khotyn community from "Grads" and from cannon artillery, explosions were heard in one of the villages and 5 private houses were damaged.

This was announced by the head of the Sumy Regional Military Administration Dmitry Zhivitsky in Telegram.
“The Khotyn community suffered from the morning explosions, which were also heard in Sumy. At 7:40, the Russians fired artillery from one of the villages of the community. Rashists sent volleys from Grads and another 33 shells from 152 mm cannon artillery to peaceful streets and civilians caliber. Explosions were in the center of the village: 5 private houses were damaged," Zhivitsky said.
The head of the OVA added that a shell hit one of the houses and did not explode. Fortunately, the grandmother who lived there took her daughter to a neighboring village the day before.

The fragment also pierced through two walls in the library and dispensary. The workers miraculously were not injured.

According to Zhivitsky, there is destruction at the local argo enterprise. A guard dog was also hit by a shrapnel - she is shocked.

In addition, damaged power lines, Internet.

The head of the OVA stressed that power engineers, gas workers, community utilities, law enforcement officers and sappers are working at the site.