The invaders fired at Orekhov and the neighboring village: two people were killed

11:19 26 October Kyiv, Ukraine

The invaders used multiple launch rocket systems with incendiary ammunition. As a result of the attack, fires broke out in a multi-storey building in the center of Orekhovo and private houses around.
Six apartments were on fire. The total area of the fire was over 400 sq.. m. Information about the victims is being specified.

This was announced by the head of the OVA Alexander Starukh.
The village of Preobrazhenka also suffered from shelling, it is already known that two people were killed and one was wounded.
Local authorities urge residents of Orekhovo to evacuate to safe places.
"The city of Orekhov and the villages around it are subjected to hostile attacks almost every day. The enemy systematically destroys the settlement.
We urge residents of Orekhovo to evacuate to safe places. As long as there is such a possibility. Local authorities are responsible for the process, they are ready to provide transport and shelter," Alexander Starukh said.