One of the Russian missiles fell just 300 meters from the reactors of the South nuclear power plant

14:19 19 September Kyiv, Ukraine

On the night of September 19, the South Ukrainian Nuclear Power Plant (YuNPP) came under fire, the occupants' rocket fell next to the reactors.
“Today, September 19, 2022, at 00:20, the Russian army launched a rocket attack on the industrial zone of the South Ukrainian nuclear power plant. A powerful explosion occurred just 300 meters from the FNPP reactors. The shock wave damaged the buildings of the nuclear power plant, more than 100 windows were broken. One of the hydroelectric units of the Aleksandrovskaya HPP, which is part of the South Ukrainian Energy Complex, was turned off. Three high-voltage power lines were also switched off,» the message says.
It is noted that all three power units of the TNPP operate in the normal mode. Fortunately, there were no casualties among the station personnel.

It is reported that the crater from the night explosion of an enemy missile in the industrial zone of the South Ukrainian NPP is 4 meters in diameter and 2 meters deep.