At night, rashists fired at the maternity ward of the Volnyansky hospital, a baby died

10:00 23 November Kyiv, Ukraine

On the night of November 23, in the city of Volnyansk, Zaporozhye region, as a result of a missile strike by Russian invaders, a two-story building of a polyclinic maternity ward was destroyed on the territory of a local hospital. A baby born in 2022 died and two doctors were injured.
Minister of Health Viktor Lyashko announced this on Facebook.
"Two doctors were pulled out from under the rubble. The resuscitator has 37% burns. The wounded get help. No one will return a small life that could once become big and happy. This is NOT a terrorist country, this is a killer country. This is not the responsibility of the freak who launched this rocket, this is the responsibility of every Russian who supports or does not oppose the regime of a crazy maniac.

We will never forgive you. The world will never forgive you. You will someday recover from the propaganda you have been brainwashed with, but it will be too late. No one will return the lives of the children you killed," Lyashko emphasizes.