Wooden bridge over river collapses in southern Norway

18:42 15 August Kyiv, Ukraine

A wooden bridge across a river in southern Norway collapsed as a truck and car drove over it. The drivers of both vehicles have been rescued and are doing well, police said.

It is noted that the bridge that connected the western bank of the river Gudbrandsdalslagen and the village of Tretten collapsed at 7:30 p.m.

Due to the collapse of the bridge, the passenger car fell into the water, and the truck was stuck in an almost vertical position, but the drivers of both vehicles were rescued. At the same time, a helicopter was brought in to rescue the truck driver.
"It's absolutely catastrophic, absolutely unrealistic.. This is also a fairly new bridge. It is completely destroyed," Tretten's village head Jon Halvor Midtmageli commented on the event.
The bridge over the river Gudbrandsdalslagen was built in 2012, its length is almost 150 meters. What caused the collapse of the bridge is still unknown.