A pestilence of fish was recorded in the Kherson region

17:47 03 January Kyiv, Ukraine

In connection with the constant shelling of rashists in the Kherson region, fish are dying en masse. Relevant videos are posted on social networks.

In the comments to the video, it is noted that we very rarely remember the huge environmental damage that the war causes to the country, and the damage is huge.
"I listened on the radio to an environmental scientist. He said that where there were intense battles, nature was polluted for decades," one of the comments says.
Separately, it is said about the war-affected Kherson region.
"And the Kherson region is wheat, sunflower, fruits and vegetables, melons, grapes and wine, fish, meat, milk. The sea, recreation, tourism ... Lord, what will it be? ”- noted in another comment.
Many note the impact of hostilities on the state of forests and rivers.
"Our water and forest resources have also suffered greatly. Because all the exploding bombs contain various chemical, harmful components," writes another netizen.