Hangar and equipment of Russian occupiers burned down in Kherson region

20:11 10 August Kyiv, Ukraine

In the temporarily occupied Novoalekseevka, Kherson region, a hangar and equipment of Russian invaders burned down.

The Ukrainian command ironically hinted that this was the work of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The relevant information was published in the official Telegram channel StratCom of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.
"The occupiers continue their total disregard for security measures and smoking in undefined places. This time, in the occupied Novoalekseevka, Kherson region, someone also smoked unsuccessfully. As a result, the hangar and equipment burned down," the Strategic Command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine reported.
In the photo, you can see the destroyed cars and the remains of ammunition. Judging by the ironic tone of the message, the Armed Forces of Ukraine inflicted a blow on the enemy in Novoalekseevka. Or there was a sabotage organized by Ukrainian defenders.

In addition, it burns in Chongar, which is on the border with Crimea, reports the Telegram channel Рerepichka_news.
"The soldiers have nothing to do, so they smoke wherever they get," they wrote ironically in the message.
So far, there is no official information about this incident.