In the Kherson region, the former director of the lyceum who headed the occupation department of education will be judged

09:38 30 November Kyiv, Ukraine

Dmitry Tabachnik was charged with collaborative activities.

This is reported by the Office of the Attorney General.
“According to the investigation, at the end of June 2022, the director of one of the lyceums of the Novokakhovka City Council began to cooperate with the invaders. He voluntarily headed a pseudo-organ - "the department of education of the military-civilian administration of the Kakhovka region," the report says.

The defendant was charged with introducing the educational standards of the aggressor state in the educational institutions of Nova Kakhovka, as well as ensuring the educational process with the general use of the Russian language.

The accused also carried out inspections of educational institutions and carried out an inventory of property, appointed heads of educational institutions who agreed to obey the occupation administration, and threatened to send those who refused “to the basement”.

The pre-trial investigation was conducted by the SBU Department in the Kherson region.