Fires ignited in Kharkiv region caused by shelling of the Russian Federation

09:57 20 July Kyiv, Ukraine

Rescuers over the past day went out eight times to extinguish fires caused by shelling.

Fires caused by enemy shelling occurred in Bogodukhovsky, Chuguevsky, Izyumsky and Kharkov districts of the region.

This is reported in the Main Directorate of the State Emergency Service of the Kharkiv region. Residential buildings, outbuildings and wheat fields were burning.

So, on July 19 at 13:28, as a result of enemy shelling, a residential building in the Kharkiv region of the region was on fire.. Burning wooden elements of the building on an area of 80 square meters. meters. As a result of the shelling, the owner of the house was injured, he was hospitalized with burns on his body to the regional hospital.

The pyrotechnicians of the State Emergency Service also eliminated 16 unexploded enemy ordnance.

The fact that the Russian military continues to terrorize the civilian population of the Kharkiv region is reported by the regional police.. The enemy is hitting Kharkov and the settlements of the region, destroying residential buildings and civilian infrastructure.

On Tuesday, July 19, the settlements of Mospanovo, Pechenegy, Klugino-Bashkirovka, Liptsy, Grushuvakha, Petrovsky, Lesnoye, Tsirkuny, Russian Tishki, Korobochkino, Zolochev and Dergachi fell under enemy attacks. As a result, residential houses of civilians, utility rooms, and an educational institution were damaged. Employees of investigative teams and forensic experts worked out 30 facts of destruction of housing and other facilities in the region as a result of shelling and fires.