Occupiers mined gas pipelines in Kharkiv region

10:18 06 October Kyiv, Ukraine

In the Kharkiv region, rashists surrounded gas pipelines with mines. The sappers started demining, reported on Wednesday, October 5, in Kharkivgaz.

As indicated, the survey of medium-pressure gas pipelines began in the village of Krasnaya Gusarovka.
"Diagnosis is carried out after checking the routes for the location of gas networks by sappers of the State Emergency Service. To inspect the first 100 meters of the gas pipeline, 104 mines had to be cleared," experts calculated.
Meanwhile, in Chkalovsky, the invaders interrupted the gas pipeline.
"Mine clearing of high-pressure gas pipelines in Chkalovsky made it possible to detect places of pipe rupture. The invaders broke the high-pressure gas pipeline and mined it to make it impossible to carry out repairs," Kharkivgaz noted.