Police officers detained 28 collaborators at checkpoints in Kherson region

15:50 29 December Kyiv, Ukraine

On the territory of the de-occupied Kherson region, law enforcement officers stopped 28 people at checkpoints suspected of collaborating with the Russians.
This was reported to the Ministry of Internal Affairs.
Currently, there are 27 checkpoints in the region, where employees of the State Border Service, the Security Service of Ukraine, the military of the National Guard, the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the Military Law Enforcement Service are on duty.

They check vehicles so that weapons, explosives, drugs and other prohibited items do not get into the controlled territories, they check people for possible cooperation with Russian occupiers.
“During the checks, 28 people were detained who were involved in the armed formations of the Russian Federation or were engaged in collaboration activities. 13 people who were wanted were identified, 8 missing persons were identified, 9 wanted vehicles were detained, 4 facts of illegal transportation of weapons were also documented, ”law enforcement officers report.