The mayor of Kupyansk, who went over to the side of the invaders, was arrested by the Russian military

19:20 07 July Kyiv, Ukraine

The head of the city of Kupyansk in the Kharkiv region, Gennady Matsegora, who went over to the side of the invaders, was arrested by the Russian military.

This was told by the head of the Kharkiv OVA Oleg Sinegubov.

Sinegubov did not give any details, noting only that he had information about the fact of Matsegor's arrest.
“We have information that Matsegora was arrested by the occupiers, is in custody. Probably, such a fate awaits all the traitors of our country, because even the occupiers do not need them. They are simply used and then removed ,” Sinegubov said.
Matsegora, after surrendering the city to the Russians, fled to Russia, and the prosecutor's office of the Kharkov region, a few days after the start of a full-scale invasion, informed him of a suspicion of encroachment on territorial integrity and inviolability and treason.

Matsegora, according to him, agreed with the occupiers on the transfer of power, and along with him, the head of the police of the city, Natalia Shevchenko, was present at the negotiations. At the same time, the mayor of Kupyansk said that the Russians themselves called him, and the Office of the Prosecutor General says that the city head turned to the Russian command.

Matsegoru became mayor two years ago, and ran for the Opposition Platform - For Life party.