Melitopol: Rashists threaten to take away from parents children who will not go to school

19:05 04 July Kyiv, Ukraine

In Melitopol, the occupiers threaten parents to take their children away for refusing to let their children go to study according to the Russian school curriculum, Mayor Ivan Fedorov said.

The Russians have been unsuccessfully trying to launch the educational process under the Russian program in the city for several months. After the city was occupied, Elena Shapurova, the director of the local industrial and economic college, was appointed to the position of the so-called "head of the education department", who immediately began phoning teachers and demanding that they go to work.

In response to this, the heads of the establishments refused to comply with the order, wrote letters of resignation, and therefore they began to appoint other people who were willing to cooperate with the occupiers in their places.

However, not only teachers, but also parents of schoolchildren sabotage the educational process.
“For the last two weeks, the rashists have clearly declared their intentions that parents who do not send their children to school to study under the rashist program will be deprived of parental rights. It sounds funny enough. I can't imagine how this will happen in real life. But there are such threats today,” says Fedorov.
Fedorov said that the Russians still feel like masters in the city, but the locals are waiting for the arrival of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and every day more and more believe that this will happen soon. According to him, the destruction of the Russian military base by the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the occupied Melitopol gave hope. -
"What happened certainly pleased and gave hope to those people who live in the occupied territories. There were more than 30 explosions, after which the territory, which the Russians captured back on February 25, was completely destroyed. To date, burning continues in this captured military unit," – the mayor says.